WP1: Management

The aim of this work package is to deal with project management and administration issues.

WP2: Demand Analysis

The aim of the work package is to define, characterise and analyse the specific market segments within the EU27 (and UK, NL, DE, AT, EL) heat, electricity-CHP and transport sectors, where biomass can have an important penetration. For UK, NL DE, AT and EL a detailed market segment analysis will be performed to understand the potential for bioenergy in different market segments. Following, the country specific findings will be used along with information from EUROSTAT, EUBIONET and other initiatives mentioned above to estimate potential bioenergy penetration in the EU 27 based on a more high level view of the market structure in the other countries and in the EU 27 as a whole.


D2.1 biomass market segments within the transport, heat & electricity- CHP sectors for EU27.pdf

D2.2 factors influencing biomass demand.pdf

D2.3 Outlook on Market Segments for Biomass Uptake by 2020 in Austria.pdf

D2.3 Outlook on Market Segments for Biomass Uptake by 2020 in Germany.pdf

D2.3 Outlook on Market Segments for Biomass Uptake by 2020 in the Netherlands.pdf

D2.3 Outlook on Market Segments for Biomass Uptake by 2020 in the UK.pdf

D2.3 Outlook on Market Segments for Biomass Uptake by 2020.pdf

D2.3 Outlook on market segmenst for biomass uptake by 2020 in Greece.pdf

D2.4 Main outcomes for policy makers.pdf

WP3: Availability & supply analysis

The aim of the work package is to provide a comprehensive strategic analysis of biomass supply options and their availability in response to different demands and different sustainability criteria in a timeframe from 2010- 2030 by making a comparative inventory of existing studies, and synthesising the results in terms of economic supply estimates that are most realistic and likely given various policy and development scenarios. Supply will include existing biomass streams (including waste) and potentially new stream from non food crops and 4F crops as raw materials for energy and industrial applications. The supply options will be provided at EU27 and Member State level.


D3.1 Review of biomass assessments.pdf

D3.2 Role of 4F crops.pdf

D3.3 Atlas of technical and economic biomass potential.pdf

D3.4 Biomass availability & supply.pdf

D3.5 Summary.pdf

WP4: Sustainability

The aim of this work package is to identify, define and quantify (where possible) the main sustainability standards and criteria regarding indirect land use change, air, water, soil requirements and social impacts and provide input to the Commission in the form of post- RES criteria/ indicators. The work will be based on the RES-D sustainability criteria and will aim to feed into the updating process meeting the 2012 deadlines.


D 4.2 Methodology quantification of sustainability standards impacts on biomass supply.pdf

D4.1 Sustainable Bioenergy - criteria and indicators.pdf

D4.3 Working paper.pdf

D4.4 Sustainable Bioenergy - summary.pdf

D4.5 interactions with policy makers.pdf

WP5: Energy modelling

The aim of this work package is to use existing energy models (PRIMES & Biotrans/Admire-RREBUS) to estimate the role biomass can play in the EU energy system from 2010 to 2030 (with intermediate 2020) by bringing biomass demand and supply trends together.


D5.1 Functional description of RESolve model set.pdf

D5.2 Scenario set up.pdf

D5.3 Results summary for WP7.pdf

D5.4 Summary.pdf

D5.5 Update PRIMES database.pdf

D5.6 ECN Model links with PRIMES.pdf

D5.7 PRIMES Biomass projections.pdf

D5.8 Interactions with GreenX Final.pdf

D5.9 Interactions with policy makers.pdf

WP6: Support policy makers

The aim of this work package is to inform and support policy makers across the EU ensuring, their input into the broader work within biomass futures project, but importantly helping policy makers deal with key challenges associated with the development of bioenergy solutions and the implementation of the renewable energy Directive. The aim is to deliver ongoing dialogue and engagement throughout the work, establishing a network of policy makers and providing consistent support. IEEP will intend to bring together expertise and understanding into easily digestible and usable information resources making them accessible to policy makers across Europe.


D6.1 List of policy makers.xlsx

D6.2 Involvement and exchanges with policy makers.pdf

D6.3 Analysis of policy maker issues and concerns.pdf

D6.4 4Fcrops.pdf

D6.4 Atlas of EU biomass potentials.pdf

D6.4 Biomass Futures Expert Survey.pdf

D6.4 Biomass role for heat electricity and transport biofuels for EU27 in 2020.pdf

D6.4 Description of reference and sustainability scenarios.pdf

D6.4 Market segments & key factors.pdf

D6.4 Non-technical description of BF modelling framework.pdf

D6.4 Non-technical description of GLOBIOM.pdf

D6.4 Policy map biofuels.pdf

D6.4 Policy map biogas.pdf

D6.4 Policy map solid biomass.pdf

D6.4 Results from the GLOBIOM model.pdf

D6.4 Sustainability indicators.pdf

D6.5 Support materials for policy makers.pdf

D6.6a Biomass Futures Workshop 26.11. report.pdf

D6.6b Final policy workshop report.pdf

WP7: Dialogue mechanisms

The aim of this work package is to enhance the dialogue between biomass producers and users, including the biomass conversion industry, and policy-makers. This will be achieved by developing dialogue mechanisms in the form of structured interviews, targeted phone-conferences bringing together selected sets of stakeholders - inter alia farmers & energy producers, investors & policy makers - in order to have responses from wider stakeholder groups to the key questions addressed.


D7.1 Complete meeting reports Biomass Futures stakeholder groups_FINAL.pdf

D7.2 Final report on the progress of Biomass Futures stakeholder groups_FINAL.pdf

WP8: Dissemination

The aim of this work package is to deal with the communication and dissemination activities.


D8.3 Newsletter_June 2011.pdf

D8.3 Newsletter_March 2012.pdf

D8.3 Newsletter_March_2010.pdf

D8.3 Newsletter_November 2011.pdf

D8.3 Newsletter_November_2010.pdf

D8.4 Biomass Futures straw potential uptake to meet the RED 2020 targets (contribution to FNR workshop).pdf

D8.4 Cascading biomass uses.pdf

D8.4 Energy crops in the European context (contribution to FNR workshop).pdf

D8.4 ILUC_preconsultation.pdf

D8.4 LAND USE.pdf

D8.4 NREAPs_Template.pdf

D8.4 PRIMES Biomass model projections.pdf

D8.4 RED_and_FQD.pdf

D8.4 Securing a sustainable biomass supply in EU (in ETA publication).pdf

D8.4 The Biomass Futures project.pdf

D8.4 The potential of lignocellulosic ethanol in EU27 by 2020 (contribution to IAEA thematic workshop).pdf

D8.4 bioenergy_in_NREAPs.pdf

D8.5_Demand Workshop_Brussels_29.06.2011.pdf

D8.5_Demand Workshop_Brussels_30.06.pdf

D8.5_Supply Workshop_Berlin_06.06.2011.pdf

D8.5_Sustainability Workshop_Brussels_12.04.2011.pdf

D8.6_Final Workshop_Brussels_20.03.2012.pdf

D8.8 Biomass Futures leaflet en.pdf

WP9: IEE dissemination activities

The aim of this work package is to deal with IEE dissemination activities.